Algae Tech Conference

4-5 September 2019
Madrid, Spain

Xanthella joins Algae Tech Conference as a sponsor

We are pleased to announce Xanthella as a conference sponsor.

Xanthella is a company specialised in the design and the manufacture of photobioreactors for the culture of photosynthetic cells like microalgae or cyanobacteria. Xanthella works with some of the finest research laboratories in Scotland to develop reliable, flexible and affordable PBR from lab to industrial scale. Xanthella’s photobioreactors provide perfectly controlled culture conditions (pH, temperature, light intensity, light dark cycle, mixing) to perform accurate research experiments and to produce a quality constant biomass. The affordability of our lab scale system, the microPharos PBRTM will help to boost and to speed up the research on the photosynthetic cells. It has been tested and validated Our industrial 700L PBR, the Pandora PBRTM, has been developed in the frame of circular economy projects to use renewable energies directly where they are produced. Its low footprint and its internal LED light supply allow to reach high productivity in small area. It can be used for many applications from the production of food supplement or feed for aquaculture to the waste water treatment.

Xanthella was founded in 2009 by Dr Douglas McKenzie. It is located at Oban in the west coast of Scotland at the European Marine Science Park.

Company website: